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1 week of thermal/technique/XC training in the fantastic Brenta Dolomites, against an incredible mountain backdrop. Very beautiful launch site, at the summit of Dos del Sabbion (2100m). Convenient cable car, easy landing site, 1300m altitude difference

Training content:
Strong wind take-off/landing, backwards pull-up technique, centring thermals correctly, using descent aids, flying in the inner alpine valley wind system, first cross-country flights, valley crossings and valley crossings with connection, video analysis. Learn to recognise and assess alpine weather.

The flying area:
The Pinzolo-Brenta Dolomites (launch site at 2100 m, landing site at 800 m) has been regularly flown by us since 1991. The magnificent backdrop of the Brenta Dolomites (3100 m) and the glaciated Adamello-Presanella group (3500 m) is breathtaking. A dream launch site, ideal for reverse pull-up technique, great soaring conditions, sometimes strong thermals, but also great gliding flights in the morning and evening. Gigantic valley crossings and a large landing site create the best conditions for a unique week of flying.
A modern gondola lift takes you up to the launch site

Target group: Pilots who would like to get to know a beautiful Alpine flying area under expert guidance and do not want to miss out on professional flight support, from relaxed gliding flights to exciting thermal flights.

Programme + daily schedule : In the morning a gliding flight with flight technique and cross-country flight exercises, in the afternoon a thermal cross-country flight with special exercises and tasks

We are in the high mountains, so equip accordingly against strong sun, heat, cold, wind!

Accommodation: In the valley town of Pinzolo/Carisolo in a flat or hotel. Or at the campsite in Carisolo (near the landing site)

Further information best via WhatsApp: +39 380 587 6257

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