with the Bassano flying school at the Aeroclub Top Gliders d’Italia and training manager ANDREAS BREUER

Landing approach with north wind conditions

Those who fly safely also fly with joy!

That’s why our safety training is the best opportunity to get to know yourself and your paraglider better and better during normal flight and especially in unusual flight conditions, and to improve your flying technique.

Training instructor Andreas Breuer has been organising regular safety training courses since 1993. He is head of training at the Bassano flying school, DHV flight instructor and state-certified AeCI flight instructor, safety trainer and performance trainer.
His many years of training experience are the greatest asset for the participants. His calm and empathetic approach to his students instils safety and confidence during flight exercises.

The “Unique features” of our exclusive safety training with Andreas Breuer

– Individual customisation of the training content to the skill and experience level of the participants
– 5 training days – enough time to achieve the training goal in a relaxed and safe manner
– Small groups of 8 to a maximum of 10 participants, personalised and efficient
– the training takes place on weekdays, avoiding weekend flying with many pilots
– 6 training flights are guaranteed; if flights are cancelled due to weather conditions, they can be credited to the next training course within 12 months and made up for free on another date
– in the event of longer waiting times at the Monte Baldo cable car, we will take our participants to the middle station
– The flying area on Monte Baldo is an ideal training ground due to its 1,700m altitude difference with a huge, safe take-off area in several directions, a large landing area and easy to fly to. Nevertheless, we instruct our participants at the landing site by radio
– Safety is ensured by a professional team of instructors and a professional water rescue service. We use automatic life jackets and radio with headphones.

Training structure:

– Flying in + warm-up training
– Orientation in 3-dimensional space
– Descent methods
– Centrifugal force training
– Deflation training
– Stall (for advanced pilots)

Training programme:

The training begins with a comprehensive equipment check and harness adjustment, rescue test release and radio/floatjacket issue. Landing site briefing and danger briefing

The first day of the course is intended for getting to know the flying site and going through the flight manoeuvres in theory. The first exercises are carried out during a familiarisation flight.
From the 2nd-5th day, the respective exercises are first discussed daily, then flown and then evaluated by video analysis.

2-3 flights are planned per training day, one each on the first and last day.

Flight exercises:
– Guideline eight under 25 seconds
– Pitch and intercept
– Roll and intercept
– Front deflation unaccelerated and accelerated
– Side deflation unaccelerated and accelerated
– Initiation phase spiral dive
– Big ears unaccelerated and accelerated
– B-line stall (optional – depending on canopy type)
– spiral dive (optional)
– One-sided stall (optional)
– Full stall (optional)
– Throwing a reserve (optional)

Our team for the exclusive safety training courses consists of the training instructor and an experienced launch leader as well as a professional boat driver for possible water rescue
The particularly favourable microclimate of Lake Garda allows flights from Monte Baldo almost every day, summer and winter.

The modern panoramic cable car transports pilots safely and quickly to the launch site – in the event of long waiting times, we take our participants directly to the middle station.

The Mediterranean climate in Malcesine invites you to take a relaxing stroll in the picturesque town of Malcesine after flying and the beautiful surroundings also offer a wide range of holiday activities for non-flying guests.

Additional costs: accommodation, meals, cable car

Further information + booking under:

WhatsApp +39 380 5876257

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