Denmark – Groundhandling Workshop and Hang-Soaring Lessons


We have run many successful Denmark Groundhandling Workshops (since 1994) and we never tire of travelling to this beautiful paragliding training, groundhandling and coastal soaring country again and again

Denmark is an ideal holiday destination in the summer months. The beaches are kilometres long and mostly free to walk or fly on (there are of course clear rules on flying behaviour)

The flying opportunities and practice areas in Denmark are countless

We are independent of the wind direction and have many alternative options

Our “dream destination” is of course flying over the highest elevation in Denmark, the approximately 90 metre high “Rubjerg Knude”, a shifting dune on the northern west coast of Denmark. Grassy dunes or sand dunes, there is a lot of flying variety in Denmark!

We are staying nearby, in Norre Lyngby at the campsite. There are also many very nice holiday homes available nearby, especially if you would like to travel there with your family or a group of friends to take part in our Groundhandling & Soaring Workshop.

…small, large, long, short, steep, flat dunes and grassy slopes, hills and cliffs to practise, try out, repeat and deepen the various wind-up, take-off and soaring techniques…

Hours of ground handling every day and hours of coastal soaring are the order of the day here

Every pilot can take part, regardless of skill or training level

“6 days, out on the beach, on the dune, on the cliff, on the slope”

Denmark is a very well organised and very friendly holiday destination for the whole family

In terms of flying, Denmark is a unique highlight that should not be missed in a paraglider pilot’s life !!!


P.S.: On days when you can’t fly, there are plenty of alternatives in Denmark, such as the unique aquarium in Hjorring


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