Learn to Fly

Our aim is:

To train you to become a paraglider pilot who will be able to realistically assess the terrain and weather conditions as well as your own skills and thus have a solid foundation for a safe, versatile and above all happy and positive flying future

Our modern training concept, based on many years of intensive training experience, allows us to achieve this common goal step by step, without haste  but with constant progress and positive experiences

Safety and professional training are our top priorities

This is how we train paraglider pilots:

Getting to know the equipment, independent, safe pre-flight check, “slow motion” pull-up technique and reverse pull-up/ground handling

From day 1, didactic tandem flights in which the first focus is on launch preparation, assessing the launch site conditions, the launch procedure and the launch itself

In flight, the focus is then on the take-off line, adopting the seating position, recognising the planned flight route, flying at different speeds, feeling control pressure, cornering techniques, orientation in 3D space, recognising, planning and executing the landing pattern, straight and stable final approach, landing with flare landing technique.

Further didactic tandem flights will then focus on flight route planning, initial thermal experience, further flight and control techniques, circling with centrifugal force, safety briefing and familiarisation with the movements of the paraglider around the 3 aerodynamic flight axes, and of course further exercises for landing approaches and corresponding variants

As soon as our flight students have gained a high level of confidence in flight preparation and ground exercises, we are ready for the first solo flights, during which one flight instructor will accompany the students by radio at each take-off and landing site

At least 35 solo flights (in addition to the 3-5 tandem flights) will be completed, from different take-off sites and to different landing sites in different weather conditions.

The practical training is accompanied by topic-specific theory units, sensibly coupled with the practical training

In addition, periodically organised Zoom meetings take place in which the theoretical material is explained and worked through in detail

As soon as the participants have achieved the training objective, we will take the theoretical and practical exams together in front of an independent examination board.

The exam will be held in German, Italian or English

We train in German, Italian, English and Spanish.

The Bassano Flying School is an “International” flying school

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